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July 20th 2014

I have started a hardcore metal band called Captain Roselyn, and Silent Highway is currently on hold. You can still grab the songs for free.

I have started a new webshop with my wife Maria. You can find it on We sell board games and other games (no electronic games though)

So if you like board games take a look :) take care, Morten

December 25th 2010

Long time since I have been in here, and long time since anything has happened on this site :)

I just uploaded my album to this site and you can all get it for free if you want. Just go here to get it.

I am not writing new stuff as I am still busy with starting my company, but I am writing some new metal tunes for those of you who liked what we did with Barricades. But I dont have any plans or timeframe for any of that...
take care, Morten

Old news

June 21st 2008
I have a few new gigs up at Aarhus and herning. After 36 gigs in 2007 I am taking 6 months right now with fewer gigs, to focus on starting my business Go there and check out the wall-art on canvas :)

I've had some good reviews lately: go grab a GEIGER magasin, if you live in Denmark, they were very positive about "Hope from the borderland".

And finally: thank you to all of you who listened at Green Light District Festival a few weeks ago, your response really made me glad :)

take care, Morten December 2nd 2007
My debut cd is out now!
For only 125 Dkr/ 16 Euro / 20 $, and if you buy more than one I'll give you a discount :)

You can click on "Cd's" in the top-menu to see how you can get it :)
I'll prefer if you buy it directly from me , because then I don't have to pay others to sell it to you. I have chosen not to get signed to a label and to do everything myself insteas, cause I like it and I might be the one with the biggest passion for my Silent Highway anyway :)

In a week or two it'll be for sale throughout Europe at, and it'll be on iTunes, when they upload it (probably by january or something)...

October 27th 2007
Hello there
I am now finished recording "Hope from the borderland". I am signing a distribution agreement with Danish Gateway Records, which is a very good deal for me!

They will push my record into iTunes, and into a stock that every store in Denmark get their CDs from. They're good people doing it for the musicians sake, awesome!

So I guess I will have my album out in a little more than a months time, and I have just finished the cover-art for it.

Take care!
Love, Morten

August 14th 2007
So now I have been in New York City together with my wife Maria for 10 days, and tonight I played at a cool little place called Rockaway. It was a great experience, and you can see some new live-video here from New York City at myspace and here at my homepage, and i have also uploaded new galleries! We have seen a lot of great stuff.

This thursday we're going to Pensylvania, which is great since they do not have sales taxes, so we're looking forward to shopping a lot there!

When I get back to Aarhus around September 1th I will finish my debut album "HOPE FROM THE BORDERLAND".

take care
Morten Storgaard

July 7th 2007
New shows added, check the concert-subsite.
The recording of my debut album is going really well. I'm almost done with eight songs now, so that's three to go. i have decided the title to be: "Hope from the borderland".
I also have a t-shirt to sell now, and you can check it out at the new merch-section. Enjoy the summer, now I have to leave to play at the "Tall ship race" event here in Århus with a friend (Daniel Kousholt).

Silent Highway, Morten

May 27nd 2007
Now I have started recording my debut album here in Aarhus at Holy Smoke Studios!
I work with Torsten Cubell, and we have the same directional ideas about the sound and compositions, so that's great. He's a cool guy.

I have finished the coverart as well (look at the "release" section).
I look so much forward to getting this record on the street. We do not work on the record everyday, we prefer to bring a bottle of wine at night and record, and then leave it for a couple of days, and get back to work on it. It's a nice process.

Again I have some new shows coming up, so I might see You out there during the summer!

Love, Silent Highway, Morten

April 23rd 2007
I have a bunch of new shows up, and you can follow the SHOWS-link at the top to see when I get near you :)
In the near future I'll record my debut record at Holy Smoke Studios here in Århus. I look so much forward to showing you guys the new songs. Right now I have given some pre-recordings of my songs to a couple of friends to get some final feed back on the songs.
This summer i am going to New York City with Maria, and we look so much forward to that! I'll try to get a gig or two while we are there :)

Silent Highway

March 11th 2007
Last week i was in a studio here in Århus (holy smoke studio) working on a sound for my debut record. I have decided to work with Torsten there, and I'll let you know here as soon as I have some concrete information :)

Last night I played at Gyngen here in Århus together with Mikael Kærsgaard, Kagoshima Bay and Christian Smalbro, and it was an incredible night. They are all very talented songwriters! here above is a little video from the concert.

Silent Highway -Morten

November 16th 2006
New name: Silent Highway!

I've just changed the name of this project to Silent Highway, and I'll soon start designing a new webpage as well. People had a hard time spelling my name, and I wanted to do this before the album gets out :) I have uploaded new pictures from Silverspeak and a new press picture. I'm still working on the songs for my album, and can't wait to get it out!

I had the wonderful chance to see Damien Jurado the other night, and it was an AWESOME show! Go check him out if you don't know him allready - he inspires me a lot. (You can find a link at this page.)

September 6th 2006
Summer has finally kicked in, and I got married the 17th of June!
Maria and I are doing fine, and we're spending a lot of time on the apartment this summer.
I'm still working on songs for my debut album, and I'm trying to come up with a new name for this project.
You can see me perform two times this summer: Glow and SommerOase...
take care!

Silent Highway - Morten

july 7nd 2006
Thank you for listening at the Glow Festival, it was great to see so many people :)
i now have 12 songs ready for recording, and I'm working on arrangements and cover art etc. I'm also booking concerts to try the new songs out before recording.
We are also busy at the barricades camp (my metalband --> as we are soon done with the songs for that debut album :) so I'm at an interesting phase right now!

...and by the way, i can recommend getting married to all of you!

from the Silent Highway, Morten

february 28nd 2006
Hi again
I want to thank Sarah Brendel and her husband Stephen for letting me join in on the tour last week - you are amazing people! Also thanks to Dyveke and Jakob from Glow Concerts for great planning. Sarah is really an experienced and talented musician. It was also a great chance for me to get feedback on my new songs. Hopefully we will tour together again.
Check Sarah Brendel's music out -> follow the link at the "link" subpage.

Silent Highway, Morten

february 17th 2006
Hi there.
I have a few concerts up now - I am supporting Sarah Brendel around Denmark.
My good friend Thom Wedge has taken some pictures of me,
and you can see some of them at the "media" section!
Looking very much forward to play my new songs for You...

Silent Highway, Morten

january 25th 2006
Things are fine here!
I am currently writing songs for a new cd, and it's going very well.
I have bought a Mac Computer, and it's a great toy for making sketches and pre-production material.
I have uploaded two new songs (pre production) which you'll find at the media section

Hope you like it and I always appreciate a note in my guestbook :)

Silent Highway, Morten



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